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Beyond Rights is a non-profit independent civil institution concerned with humanitarian and community development work. It does not engage in any political or sectarian activity, and it complies with the laws and regulations of each country in which it operates.
Beyond Rights is based in Lebanon under the civil registrar number 791/2018.

Marginalized children & youth are empowered for productive participation in their families and communities.

To contribute to the empowerment of children within their families who suffered the impact of violence and war to enable them to build their personalities, education, health, livelihood capacities and be active members in the development of their communities through:

  • The development of psycho-social, socio-economic, educational, cultural, health and recreational projects/programs
  • The development of active partnerships with national and international organizations

Target Groups:
Through our programs and projects we will be targeting:

  • Vulnerable and marginalized children and their families
  • Persons with disabilities resulted from military actions and their families
  • IDP families

Beyond Rights targets all the areas/communities in Lebanon.

In its programs and projects, Beyond Rights adopts a set of values like; transparency, accountability, objectivity, credibility, respect of deference, quality assurance in services: with host governments, beneficiaries, donors, partners and staff.


  • To contribute to the development of the living conditions of the households affected by any crisis through the development of early recovery, capacity building and economic development programs and initiatives.
  • To contribute to integrating of PWDs in their families and communities through the extension of normal rehabilitation, community-based rehabilitation and provision of needed assistance and other supportive services to PWDs.
  • To contribute to the development of personal, learning and education capacities of children, adolescents and youth in safe environments through the development of educational, psycho-social and cultural programs and activities.
  • To build the Institution’s capacities in terms of HR, finance, management and outreach through capacity building programs and partnerships with international and local organizations working in humanitarian and development domains in Lebanon.

بيوند رايتس

بيوند رايتس شركة مدنية مستقلة لا تتوخى الربح تعنى بالأعمال الانسانية والتنمية البشرية. كما انها لا تقوم بأي نشاط سياسي او طائفي وهي تتقيد بالقوانين والأنظمة في كل دولة تعمل فيها.

تأسست بيوند رايتس في لبنان (سجل مدني ٧٩١/٢٠١٨).

تركز في المشاريع التي تنفذها على توعية وتدريب الأطفال واهاليهم لرفع مستواهم الفكري وتقوية شخصياتهم لينخرطوا في المجتمع ويكونوا أعضاء منتجين وفعالين في مجتمعاتهم.

تعمل بيوند رايتس من خلال إيجاد ممولين لتنفيذ هذه المشاريع ومن خلال شراكات مع الحكومات والمؤسسات المتخصصة في مجالات مختلفة.

تعتمد بيوند رايتس في تنفيذ المشاريع على:

  • الشفافية مع المانحين وتقديم تقارير مفصلة.
  • توظيف الأشخاص ذو الخبرات العالية في مختلف المجالات المطلوبة لتنفيذ المشاريع بدقة وجودة عالية.
  • توفير خدمات متقنة وعالية الجودة الى المستفيدين من المشاريع.
  • إيجاد فرص عمل للمستفيدين من المشاريع.


Evelyn Zakhary

Evelyn Zakhary


Evelyn has been working in the development field for upwards of 25 years. She has a long history of development work in the Middle East, primarily Jordan.

Reem Barghouty Damen

Reem Barghouty Damen


Reem Barghouty Damen: holds a Masters Degree with distinction in Biochemistry from the American University of Beirut and a degree in Management Development from Bradford University in the United Kingdom.

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